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The answer to any question you have throughout your group lesson is the only one piano key away. Group lessons allow us to cover more material in each lesson. The classes are longer than the typical private lesson. Therefore, we are able to spend more time on important musicianship elements such as ear training, sight-reading, composition and technique. The lessons are a fast-paced 50 minutes. We're here for you!  (Groups are limited to 8 students.)

Simple and Fun

Learning Piano shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating! That's why we've designed a simple and engaging music learning experience to elevate your musical experience with group lessons -- something everyone can enjoy! 

Play Together

Because children are always playing with their peers, they rarely develop stage fright. Students benefit from watching their peers and work together to tackle difficult concepts. Group lessons help reduce the pressure on each child.

Play and Share

Students have fun resources to practice at home between the lessons. Students will be encouraged to perform in recitals. This is a fun way to hear other students, share their music with others, and build confidence.

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We have convenient, flexible afterschool hours that will fit your busy schedule. 

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Let's get to know each other. Group lessons are available for transfer students. 

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